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Sober Buzz: Pour Your Energy Into Becoming Your Best Self

There’s a real buzz right now around going sober.

Forget ‘Sober October’ or ‘Dry January’, an increasing number of men and women are ditching booze for the long haul and instead pouring their energy into their own personal health and wellbeing.

Scotland is finally starting to shake off its old stereotype of the heavy drinker as more people are giving up alcohol, realising that the benefits of going alcohol-free far outweigh any downsides of giving up.

And now, two of Scotland’s leading health movements, YouRevolution and Sober Buzz, are collaborating to host a special event wellness event to connect you with others who are passionate about living their best lives.

This Sober Buzz event will be staged in Glasgow’s Civic House on Saturday, January 28, and will feature talks from four leading speakers, all hoping to educate and inspire the sober and sober curious.

Coming together at this unique event will be sobriety coach and Sober Buzz founder Kirsty Mulcahy, teacher and author Gerry Murphy, health coach and former Scotland rugby player Rory Lamont, and Alan Wilson, wellness facilitator at YouRevolution.

Alan Wilson said: “One of the biggest growing health and wellbeing movements in Scotland is the rise of more and more people identifying as sober or sober curious.

“Once you start taking a vested interest in holistic wellness it makes sense to question why you are choosing to drink or consume something that can be both highly addictive and has zero health benefits.

“We’d like to invite anyone with an interest in changing their lives for the better to come along to the Soberbuzz event and join this wellness revolution that is in motion here in Scotland.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes – so what are you waiting for? Scotland is rising and you can rise too with connection and community by your side.”

Talking Sobriety & Health: Our Panel Of Speakers

Kirsty Mulcahy, founder of Sober Buzz Scotland and SkyRose Coaching, has gone from party girl to alcoholic to living her “best life alcohol free”.

Five years sober in December 2022, the Edinburgh woman says it’s her life mission to let people see there is another way to live life to the fullest without wasting your weekends hungover and regretting your life choices. Kirsty literally buzzes with enthusiasm and it’s exciting she’s a part of this event.

Having set up Sober Buzz three and a half years ago and qualifying as a transformational life coach, Kirsty has supported hundreds of people to address their relationship with alcohol.

Gerry Murphy is a highly-respected teacher, speaker, and author of the life-changing book, Now I Understand: A Guide to Life in Layman's Terms.

Gerry's personal journey is uplifting and inspiring. Three mental institutions, 16 drug and alcohol rehabs, a broken marriage, homelessness, and suicidal ideation.

This was the Glasgow man’s experience in life until he turned things around and used the wisdom he gained from overcoming adversity and growing spiritually to help and support others.

Gerry points us to understanding the habits we learn whilst growing up in our environment as being critical to the healing path. He explains that this is a difficult task to undertake when you believe these to be normal patterns of behaviour within your life.

Gerry said: “Change can be difficult unless we become truly honest with ourselves and others to live a life free from fear.

“When we understand ourselves, we will be in a position to understand others and with understanding comes freedom.”

Gerry has been through The 12 Steps and is hugely experienced in supporting people through addiction, trauma, and mental/emotional health challenges.

Rory Lamont, health coach and co-owner of CAIM health retreat, also brings vast healing knowledge to the Sober Buzz event. Rory was a professional international rugby player who starred for Glasgow Warriors, Toulon In France, Sale Sharks, and Scotland.

While representing Scotland in the 2012 Six Nations tournament, Rory suffered a career-ending leg break. The injury was followed by a debilitating health crisis which derailed his life and vitality and led Rory to seek alternative healing protocols when mainstream medicine failed to assist.

Over the last 10 years Rory has gathered techniques and powerful wisdom on natural healing which he now utilises to assist others on their own journey to mind, body and health regeneration at his CAIM retreat centre in Highland Perthshire, alongside his partner Shannon.

Rory Is a licensed Heartmath coach, IAKP Kambo practitioner, men’s circle facilitator, and human biology and sports science graduate. Pulling from his extensive expertise on the human body, combined with robust nutritional knowledge, Rory is a powerhouse example of what can be achieved in physical and mental health by following and implementing natural modalities.

Alan Wilson, facilitator at YouRevolution, is on a mission to make Scotland the global destination for health and wellness. Alan's journey began after the loss of his brother to addiction which guided him on to the path of using natural healing modalities to support him on his own journey towards wellness.

Alan is active across the Scottish wellbeing community, working collaboratively to support a shift to a new way of living here in Scotland based on health, wellness and connection.

Working as a facilitator at retreats, Alan has extensive experience in supporting others using breathwork, plant medicine, and other natural healing tools.

What's Involved At The Sober Buzz Event?

You have an invitation to join this Sober Buzz event for an afternoon of inspirational conversation, practical advice, Q&A session, and the opportunity to connect not only with our panel but with others in Scotland who are passionate about living their best lives.

Nutritious food and drinks will also be provided to connect you with the healing diet needed to support you on the path to wellness and sobriety.

So, whether you are already sober, identify as alcohol free, or are one of the thousands of sober (drink and drugs) curious men and women in Scotland, this event has something for everyone.

Connection and community are the cure. Scotland is rising!

Tickets are priced £40 per person, or £25 concession.

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