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Natural Home Products: Why A Switch To These Are Key To Improving Your Health

You run a hot bath, light a couple of scented candles, and then lie there in complete relaxation for an hour. Bliss!

There’s nothing better than a nice, warm bath to de-stress and look after your health and wellbeing.

But what if we told you that this scene we’ve just described could potentially be harming your health? What if there was a hidden health danger in the bathroom that you were completely unaware of?

Yep, we’re pointing the finger at those scented candles.

In this article, we’re going to dive into why scented candles – and numerous other household and personal care products we use daily – are toxic and can cause health issues.

We’ll also cover some simple steps you can take to reduce that risk, and will introduce you to two amazing Scottish companies, Smelly Trees and Yogi Oils, which offer natural alternatives to these harmful products.

Alan Wilson, founder of Yourevolution, said: “It’s time to call out all the toxic products that are around us.

“It’s important to surround ourselves not just with nutritious, healing foods, but also natural products.

“The vast majority of people just aren’t aware that so many products, such as deodorants, perfumes, and scented candles, contain chemicals that can affect our health over the long term.”

How Scented Candles And Other Household Products Can Affect Your Health

The 21st century world we’re living in is filled with chemicals. Experts at Harvard University in the US estimate that there are currently more than 85,000 chemicals in circulation in the products in our daily lives.

The detergents we wash our clothes in. The air fresheners we spray around the house. The perfumes/aftershaves we mist onto our skin. These all contain chemicals and, while they may not pose a significant risk to our health, the accumulation of these toxins over time can lead to a myriad of symptoms and potentially develop into chronic health conditions.

This is because these chemicals accumulate in our lungs, the liver, and can feed bacteria and viruses in the body.

A Warning From Medical Medium Anthony William

‘Medical Medium’ Anthony William has been warning the public about these toxic products, and for the need to cleanse/detox the body these days to help clear out toxins.

He’s a natural health guru based in the US who is an international best-seller of a series of books, which have helped millions of people all over the world improve their health and overcome chronic health issues.

These health turnarounds are primarily achieved through following a diet rich in nutritious fruits and vegetables, but also through juice cleansing, and reducing exposure to harmful chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides etc.

We produced a special four-part series of videos on Medical Medium on the Yourevolution YouTube channel, which featured several remarkable real-life stories of people who healed their chronic illnesses following his teachings. To watch the first episode, ‘You CAN Heal Your Body’, click here.

In September 2020, Anthony William aired a podcast talking specifically about how scented candles, air fresheners, colognes and perfumes are loaded with harmful chemicals.

He said: “Research and science is unaware that the substances in chemical fragrances can be highly toxic and have the potential to negatively affect your lungs, liver, immune system, and nervous system.

“Many people think that they are creating a more pleasing environment in their homes, stores, or workplaces, by using air fresheners, scented candles, and other chemical fragrances.

“In truth, these chemicals are disabling your ability to smell and releasing vaporized toxins into the air you breathe. These vaporized toxins then burden the lungs, building up a waxy, oily, chemical residue in your lung sacs and this may potentially reduce oxygen capacity.

“This oily residue from air fresheners and scented candles not only can potentially affect the lungs, but the liver as well, entering in through the bloodstream.

“This can result in reduced liver function and dehydration. When you’re burning a scented candle, and breathe in the vaporized toxins, those toxins make their way into your liver, and a feeding frenzy occurs.

“Yes, the viruses in your liver, like Epstein-Barr and Shingles, can feed on the toxic chemicals in air fresheners, scented candles, colognes, and perfumes. When the viruses in your liver are feeding on vaporized toxins from chemical fragrances in your home, they grow and reproduce, which can possibly lead to further illness, flare-ups, and even new symptoms.”

To read more about Medical Medium’s take on scented candles, air fresheners, and perfumes etc, click here.

Two Steps To Protect Your Health

There are two (rather obvious) steps you can take to protect your health.

#1 – Limit the smelly stuff to reduce your daily exposure.

Now we’re not suggesting you stop washing your clothes just because washing detergents also contain some chemicals (although there are natural alternatives like this one).

However, by ditching air fresheners, scented candles, and perfumes/aftershaves, you’ll be taking a very positive step in reducing chemical exposure. This will ease the burden on your body and help it to clear out some of the other toxins it has built up over time.

#2 – Switch to natural home products.

Imagine you could bottle the scent of woodland trees and enjoy the true smell of nature? Well, you can with Smelly Trees, which produces natural hand-made tree fragrances that are available via the Yourevolution wellness store.

Founded by Scottish actress and yoga teacher Carina Birrell, the company produces all-natural fragrances for men and women, essential oils, and hand sanitisers. Each bottle produced by Smelly Trees is handmade in Fife, Scotland.

To check out their products, and the company’s fascinating back story, click here.

Also available via our wellness store are a range of all-natural candles made by Yogi Oils.

Made with love by Katrino in Scotland, there are a range of candles that are the perfect alternative to scented products loaded with chemicals.

There are six candles to choose from – 5 Elements, Aether, Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. Each of these natural home products contain a blend of natural ingredients including eco soy, rapeseed wax, essential oils, and dried petals and plants.

These candles also produce a sweet, clean burn time of 50-70 hours, so there’s great value for your money. For more information, click here.

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