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How To Heal Your Body (Not What Your Doctor Will Tell You!)

Imagine you’re reclining back in the chair at the dentist’s, and he says: “Is it okay if I put this poison in your mouth?” There’s a fair chance you’d fly out of that chair and be out of the dental surgery in two seconds flat. Or picture sitting in your doctor’s office, and she says: “I’ll prescribe you these tablets…but they won’t actually do anything to heal the root cause of your condition. “Oh, and there’s a list of 17 potential side effects.” Doesn’t sound like the type of health ‘care’ you’d want – or that anyone with a general interest in looking after their health and wellbeing would either. Here’s the bad news: the scenarios I’ve just described is the TRUTH of what’s actually going on. You know those ‘silver’ fillings dentists have been putting in people’s mouths for over a century? There’s very little silver in them (around 5% actually). In fact, they contain 50% mercury – one of the most potent neurotoxins known to man. Yet someone decided a long time ago that placing this highly-toxic substance in our mouths – inches from the brain – was a bright idea. In today’s blog post, I’m going to be explaining why toxicity in our bodies, due to heavy metals like mercury and other harmful chemicals, is at the root cause of many chronic illnesses today… And I’ll be sharing revolutionary, natural ways on how to heal your body from a wide variety of chronic conditions, ranging from digestive disorders and skin conditions to neurological issues and thyroid problems. First, back to the dangerous toxins in those silver fillings. Mercury in dental amalgam slowly releases vapour into the body over time, causing this toxic heavy metal to accumulate in our cells, brain, and organs. The result? A multitude of symptoms and chronic health conditions, which are given all sorts of names such as ‘IBS’, ‘brain fog’ and ‘chronic fatigue’.

“That’s insane! Surely mercury should be banned…or this should be illegal?” asked one of my friends recently.

Couldn’t agree more – and yes, it’s an insane world we live in.

Fortunately, many countries such as Norway, Denmark and Sweden have outlawed the use of amalgam fillings. The European Union has also called for a ban of mercury in dentistry, thanks to tireless campaigning by the World Alliance For Mercury Free Dentistry.

Here in the UK, we always seem to be like that dim-witted cousin who takes forever to get the message.

My advice in the meantime: if the dentist asks you “silver or white” when it comes to choosing your fillings, always choose white.

But this article is not specifically about dentists, or doctors…and it’s not the fault of these health professionals anyway. They are only working within the confines of a broken healthcare system.

Sure, we have the most caring nurses and doctors saving lives every day with emergency care, and highly-skilled medics performing amazing surgeries day after day.

We are lucky to have the NHS here in Scotland.

But when it comes to addressing the many chronic health issues that are plaguing society, the current model of giving illnesses a label and then handing out prescription after prescription to mask symptoms is failing people.

In a world today where people are getting sicker and sicker, my main message is this: we must take full responsibility for our own health.

We can’t just hand over our bodies to people in white coats and expect that they’ll be able to fix us – or even expect that they properly understand what’s going wrong with our health.

Because, in many cases, they simply don’t.

With the right knowledge on how to heal your body, along with natural healing tools we’ll be covering later, you have the power to overcome your chronic illness.

I’m not a medical expert and I’m not trying to give out medical advice. What I do know from personal experience is that mainstream medicine doesn’t know the root cause of many chronic illnesses today. If it did, we wouldn’t have the growing number of chronically ill people dependent on medications to dampen the symptoms of their colitis, eczema, fibromyalgia, anxiety…. The list goes on, and on. Meanwhile, it is estimated that up to 22,000 deaths are caused in the UK every year just by prescription errors and mix-ups. Please read that sentence above again. While some medications can be useful temporarily for crisis situations, they’re not a long-term solution as they only mask symptoms and never get to the root cause of sickness and disease.

Aside from the potential side effects listed in the small print, most over the counter medications contain trace amounts of heavy metals such as copper, cadmium, lead and mercury.

Sure, these may be small amounts – but over time these can build up in the body and cause all sorts of health problems.

Just ask Rory Lamont, the former Scottish Rugby international player who we’ve interviewed on our YouRevolution YouTube channel twice now.

Competing at the highest level in world rugby, Rory was a strong, athletic, muscular sportsman who ate a clean diet and tried hard to look after his body.

Yet Rory suffered a complete health collapse…due to unwittingly poisoning his body with prescription painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and various other medications he’d been taking daily for years to deal as a result of rugby injuries and surgeries.

Considering the healthcare system contributed to Rory’s health collapse, the only way for him to recover his health was taking full responsibility for his own healing.

That meant going down an alternative health route, and learning how to detox his body and then properly nourish it with the right foods, herbs and supplements, allowing the body to heal itself.

In my own case, my digestive system suddenly stopped working in 2010 – to the point where I couldn’t go to the toilet anymore and wasn’t absorbing any nutrients from my foods.

Not exactly a good spot to be in.

Doctor: “You’ve got IBS. Take these tablets.”

Me: “How long should I take them for?”

Doctor: “Probably the rest of your life.”

Firstly, the tablets didn’t work.

Secondly, I was only 28 years old and didn’t intend on taking tablets every day for the next 50 years or so – if my messed-up belly even lasted that long.

To be fair, the doctor only had a 15-minute slot with me, and a never-ending queue of sick people waiting on their script, so it was unlikely he’d ever discover the root cause of why my digestive system packed up and buggered off.

Just like Rory, my only other option was taking my health into my own hands and figuring out myself how to heal my body.

It was a long, long road involving everything from getting colonic tubes up my bum and watching long-lost fossils floating past to drinking weird concoctions of grapefruit juice and olive oil to get things properly moving again in the rear region.

And things went from bad to worse when I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis in 2017, with the possibility I could end up having some of my bowel removed.

It wasn’t until I was listening to a podcast by Dr Mark Hyman, a New York Times best-selling author, that I finally discovered the root cause of my digestive disaster (and the many symptoms that went hand in hand with it).

Heavy metal toxicity.

Turned out that my digestive system didn’t just give up on me one day due to genetics, food intolerances, or whatever other explanation thrown around by people with no solid answers.

Those five huge metal fillings that had been in my mouth for over 20 years had resulted in my body being overloaded with mercury.

I wasn’t alone.

There were countless people around the world in the same boat – and I found over 70,000 of them in a Facebook group trying to help each other get this toxic waste out of their systems.

They were forced into this online support community because mainstream medicine didn’t properly acknowledge the heavy metals toxicity issue, let alone understand it.

That’s beginning to change now. In fact, it’s now emerging that toxicity in the body – whether it’s from heavy metals, pesticides, or the countless chemicals in our environment – are the leading root cause of chronic illnesses today.

If we can clean up our bodies, we can clean up our health – and get well again.

Fortunately, we’ve got someone on our side who can help us do that.

His name is Anthony William, and he’s an American guy known as the ‘Medical Medium’.

The Medical Medium is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, helping people to properly heal from a huge list of chronic health symptoms that are plaguing society these days.

Autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, thyroid disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, and so many more conditions that too many people are suffering from needlessly.

The Medical Medium teaches us that toxicity in the body – and viruses feeding off these toxins – are behind what’s making us sick.

He shows us how to cleanse the body, support our struggling livers, and what tools (aka natural foods, specific herbs and supplements) our bodies need to repair themselves.

I’m now a dedicated follower of the Medical Medium teachings and protocols. The result? I’m off all medications. (You know, the ones I was supposed to be on for life).

Around 95% of my huge list of symptoms are gone.

I feel healthier and more vibrant now as I approach the age of 40 than I did in my late 20s.

Rory Lamont, the ex-rugby player I mentioned earlier, healed his body after a complete health collapse and is now a dedicated student of the Medical Medium teachings.

Rory now works as a holistic health coach and runs a retreat in Perthshire helping other people to transform their health and live happier, healthier lives.

To learn more about Rory’s story and how to implement the Medical Medium healing protocols, check out our YouTube interview with him, Natural Ways To Heal Your Chronic Health Condition.

For anyone reading this right now who may be struggling with a chronic health condition, I know how hopeless it can feel at times.

But there is hope.

It arrives straight after you decide to take full responsibility for your own health, and have faith that you’re going to get well again.

The next step? Turn to the Medical Medium wisdom – his books, his website, his videos on YouTube, his Instagram page.

Soak up all that information, learn the truth about your sickness, and simply do what he says to restore your health.

Marc McLean is a health and fitness author and co-founder of YouRevolution.

Following his own long journey to wellness, Marc is ridiculously passionate about alternative health, wellbeing and self-development.

Marc’s hobbies include hillwalking, getting out in nature, going to the gym, dancing (mostly to techno), eating, and video production.

Instagram: @marc_mclean1982; @yourevolution2

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