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7 Reasons Why Natural Health Retreats In Scotland Are Taking Off In 2022

There might well be more natural health retreats in Scotland than Starbucks coffee shops soon the way things are going…

And we’ll drink a cup to that!

Yoga retreats, meditation weekends, breathwork day sessions…you name it, one is probably happening today.

We’re proud to say that we run a very unique kind of natural health retreat, hosted by CAIM and run in collaboration with YouRevolution.

CAIM is an immersive health and wellness retreat space in Highland Perthshire, and the full day event we run involves a certain combination of natural medicines that originate in the Amazon jungle, breathwork, and other natural healing tools.

More than 80 participants from all over Scotland have attended our retreats, using them as a huge catalyst for self-growth and development.

We want the same for you. That’s why we want to share in this article 7 top reasons why health retreats in Scotland are really taking off…and what you can expect by joining us at an upcoming retreat.

Let’s dive into it.

#1 Natural health retreats deliver what we all crave…


When you’re feeling down, struggling mentally, going through a break-up, or have just lost a job and feel uncertain about the future, what do you do?

You shut yourself off from the world. Isolate yourself. Limit contact.

And, let’s be honest, life can throw plenty of other smaller scale challenges our way, that make us go inward and shut up shop.

We don’t say how we really feel and stuff down our emotions, we lose connection with ourselves and others.

Dr Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Professor of Psychology at Brigham University in Utah, United States, said: “Being connected to others socially is widely considered a fundamental human need – crucial to both wellbeing and survival.”

The professor led a study in 2007 which concluded that loneliness and isolation pose a greater risk to public health than obesity.

That’s why we believe that one of the biggest benefits of our regular natural health retreats at CAIM in Highland Perthshire, along with all retreats in Scotland, is the connection from gathering with other people all looking to become healthier, stronger versions of themselves.

#2 Supportive communities are being built at retreats in Scotland

Every other week natural health retreats are hosted by CAIM in Highland Perthshire and run in collaboration with ourselves here at YouRevolution.

They involve small groups of people coming together at CAIM’s amazing venue in the countryside and doing some inner work using breathwork techniques, some ancient traditional medicines including kambo, rapé, and sananga.

These full day sessions, where lunch and dinner are also provided, are powerful in helping you not only look after your mental, physical and emotional health, but also gain a better understanding of yourself and your behaviours in order to make positive changes.

You do all of this as part of a supportive community, with facilitators Rory Lamont, Shannon Brown, Alan Wilson, and Michael Roberts there to provide guidance and support.

* If you want to learn more, and enquire about participating in an upcoming retreat, please email:

#3 Scotland needs natural health retreats more than ever

Scotland is the sick man of Europe – and it’s been that way for a long time.

We’re always at the wrong end of leagues for drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide, depression, and other mental health issues.

These are all the effects. The root cause lies deeper with the emotional blockages and subconscious minds of the people who are struggling in society.

Even if you don’t fall into any of the categories above, can you say there’s not been a point in the crazy past couple of years where you’ve not gone through some mental health difficulties?

Life can get tough, especially so in a country like Scotland where we’ve had generations of trauma and dysfunction within families.

That’s why we believe retreats in Scotland are needed now more than ever.

#4 Mainstream medicine doesn’t have all the answers

We’re truly blessed to have a free national health service in this country. Countless lives are saved every day by amazing, caring medics...and it’s a relief to know the NHS is always there in times of emergency.

But the fact is that mainstream medicine doesn’t have all the answers. If it did 28% of the adult population in Scotland wouldn’t be obese, the number of antidepressants being prescribed wouldn’t have risen by 70% in the past decade, and we wouldn’t have so many people suffering with chronic health conditions.

Fortunately, there are many different natural health solutions out there which can help bring relief and restore balance into your life.

Kambo, for example, which is offered at CAIM natural health retreats has numerous peptides which have powerful detoxification and immune-boosting properties. It is known to be very effective in treating various conditions including anxiety and, in some cases, fibromyalgia.

While this traditional Amazonian medicine is not properly recognised in Western medicine, the scientific world is paying very close attention to it as more than 70 patents have been lodged with scientists, mainly in the US.

#5 The country’s collective consciousness is rising

Scotland is rising. Below the surface, the country’s collective consciousness is rising.

This means that we’re all waking up to the false narrative that this is how it is, and life can’t get much better for us.

If you’re reading this now feeling unhappy, unhealthy, unfulfilled, and lacking direction, then please reach out to us by email or on social media.

Perhaps one of our regular natural health retreats is exactly what you need.

When we properly look after our health and wellbeing, it gives us a solid foundation for moving forward. Nothing else can fall into place unless we are consciously taking care of our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

#6 They put the power back in your hands

These health retreats run by CAIM and ourselves are all about you…and putting the power back in your hands.

Sure, there are a few facilitators on hand to administer the traditional medicines and give some support.

But from the moment you sign up you reclaim your power. You reclaim it because you’re taking responsibility for whatever situation you’re in, and for you’re getting serious about your own self-growth.

Not only do you benefit from that, but so do all your loved ones. Not only do they connect with a higher-vibe version of you, but they draw inspiration from it.

#7 The results are astounding at some retreats in Scotland

Especially so with the ones we run at CAIM in Highland Perthshire. From day one, even when we were experimenting with the format of our full-day retreats, the insights people were receiving and releases they were experiencing were incredible.

We never fail to be amazed at the breakthroughs people can find when they commit to coming along and doing the necessary inner work – in a safe, caring, supporting environment.

But please don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the feedback from participants on retreat posts on our Instagram page.

Ready to really kickstart your self-growth journey?

We currently run natural health retreats separately for men and women, which are limited to six participants per day.

They take place on Saturdays, from 9am until approximately 6.30pm, with the day concluding around 7.30pm/8pm.

If you’d like to come along and take your self-growth and development journey to the next level, then please email:

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