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Empowering You to Navigate the stress of Major Life Changes with Confidence and Clarity

Are you standing at a crossroads in your life, plagued with stress over the uncertainties and constant questions about your future after a big change in life?

You have most likely landed here because of a change in your life situation. Something has changed and it's causing you to feel stressed or depressed. The chances are you cannot see a way through the labyrinth of change that has overtaken your life? 

Let me be honest with you, it's not the change that's causing you discomfort, it's the transition. Change is situational, it happens all the time. Job loss, health challenges, or relationships ending are all changes that can and will effect us. Transition, on the other hand, is where the true challenge lies because it pertains to the psychological and emotional process you must undergo to integrate the change.

When faced with a significant change in life circumstances, it's natural to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or even depressed. This discomfort arises not solely from the change itself but primarily from the transition process that accompanies it. Transition involves a period of ambiguity, where the familiar structures and routines are disrupted, leading to feelings of disorientation and unease.

I deeply understand the overwhelming stress that can grip you during these pivotal moments. It’s precisely when these strong feelings start to consume us that change is not only necessary, but absolutely crucial. Feeling lost, trapped, or questioning your life’s purpose will trigger a cascade of emotions, from resentment to frustration and anger.

However, when we have the courage to face this challenge, profound shifts can happen. That stress you are feeling will turn to aliveness for your life and that depression you are stuck in with transform into gratitude for what's unfolding. With support guidance, you can embrace this transformation and move forwards towards your dreams with clarity and confidence.

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Introducing ‘Transitions’ – Your Personal Pathway to Empowerment

In the ever-evolving landscape of life, change is the only constant. As humans, we often resist change instinctively, yet when we choose to welcome and embrace it, that’s when significant transformation occurs. Change is situational, but transition is the process through which we integrate change because there's no new beginning without something ending first. Successful change can only be reached when we navigate the stormy waters of transition where we must address the pain of letting go directly in order to move ahead on the journey.

Whether it’s a new career, a relationship shift, or a personal transformation, major life transitions can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we’re thrilled to present ‘Transitions’, a coaching programme designed to empower you through these challenges.

Discover Your Full Potential

Transitions is an 3-month's coaching programme that offers you a roadmap to navigate the stress involved in a major life change - emerging stronger, and more aligned with your authentic self. I understand the confusion, anxiety, and helplessness change can bring, having navigated many difficult life and career changes myself.


In many ways I have learned the hard way navigating these changes, I know how easy it can be to fall into bad habits, destructive patterns of thinking and self-abandonment. However, having emerged from the darkness in my own life, I can confidently tell you that it is an initiation into higher levels of self-awareness and redirection towards fulfilling your potential especially when we have the right support.

Underlying the change process you are going through will be fear and uncertainty which is manifesting in stress and anxiety about how best to navigate the journey. Whether you have recently went through a relationship shift which is causing you stress about the future of your family or you have recently been promoted into a new role and you feel like an imposter, Transitions will help you reduce stress, build confidence in yourself and improve the key relationships - with yourself and others as you move through the territory of change. 


Transitions blends my skills as a coach and facilitator with my own lived experience. With the pressures involved in the change process, the best way to navigate a significant life or career event is to be at your very best, that's what Transitions is designed to do for you!

What You’ll Gain:



Struggling to see a way through your current situation and experiencing stress as you navigate the marshlands of change? I will help you co-create a crystal clear blueprint for your future based on a deep understanding of your goals and values. 



Finding it difficult to handle the interpersonal challenges and tensions that come with a relationship shift, a change in your career or transforming your lifestyle? I will help you reduce stress and develop the self-awareness you need to show up authentically, confidently and peacefully.


Personal Growth:

Haunted by strong emotions and attachments that are stopping you from progressing beyond events that have manifested in your life? I will help you examine your stress responses and transform limiting beliefs into empowering actions, in a safe, trauma-informed space.



Struggling to be consistent with your boundaries or maintaining a balanced lifestyle during the winds of change in your life & career? I will help you stay on track by being your accountability partner as you bring in the new ways you need to reach your potential on this change journey.



Falling back into old ways, destructive habits and overwhelming emotions under the tensions and stress of change? I've been there! Let me help you build the unwavering strength to face stress and adversity by connecting you to the perpetual source of energy you hold deep within you.


Lasting Change:

Change is hard to sustain in a toxic world that wants to keep us stuck. I will help you develop a toolkit for sustainable transformation that helps you manage stress. A toolkit that you can carry into the rest of your life to live with purpose and authenticity.

Who Should Join Transitions?

Transitions is for individuals navigating stress in the face of a significant life change, that are committed to emerging calmer and stronger. The programme is tailored specifically to people navigating major life change who are feeling stressed or depressed and are looking to move beyond the confusion these events may be imposing on you.

Programme Details

  • Duration: 6 x one-to-one sessions, each up to 75 minutes

  • Additional: One-to-One energy healing session, hosted in-person or online. New addition to the programme

  • Bonus: Lifetime access to our 6-week wellbeing programme (on-demand video content)

  • Available Worldwide: Open to people in transition across the globe

  • Exclusive Offer: Enjoy access to exclusive discounts on our transformational in-person Retreats in Highland Perthshire, Scotland.

  • Investment: £1350 (payment plans available)

Meet Your Coach

Founder, Coach & Facilitator

Thank you for taking the time to be here, I know you may have many other challenges coming into your life right now so I appreciate you connecting with the Transitions programme. My mission is to support people like you through major change in your life. I have worked through many challenging transitions in my own life, each one serving as an initiation to new levels of self-understanding and expansion. From the loss of my brother, which triggered the start of my own transformation journey, navigating divorce as a father and overcoming addictive patterns, I have the lived experience and training to support people who find themselves in a similar situation and not knowing where to turn.


Through my coaching, retreats and events, I have supported 500+ people through their own unique transformation journey. Something I’ve come to realise is that it’s not just about the change itself, but how you perceive and approach these transitions that truly defines the outcome.

Alan Wilson


My background is in HR, so people have always been at the heart of everything I do. With over 16 years as a senior HR professional I've seen quite a bit of change unfold on my own journey and that of many others. I have grown to appreciate the human side of change! Something I will not sell you is the vibe of perfection, I am human like everyone else and I have fallen into all of the dead-ends during my own major life transitions. However, it's precisely these experiences and my unique skillset that makes me best placed to support you as you navigate the marshlands of change. 

Amongst all of my skills and experiences, the one thing I can guarantee you is a safe and compassionate space to reimagine your life. In a world that will judge you for daring to be different, I celebrate change-makers like you who feel called to transform their life during the most challenging moments

Areas of Experience

  • Certified Life Coaching (Courage Coaching Academy)

  • Breathwork Practices 

  • Shamanic Practitioner

  • Reiki Healing Lvl. One

  • CIPD - Chartered Member 

  • MSc Human Resources

  • Retreat Leader - 80+ Transformational Retreats

No one is the finished article, that's why I am always working on developing my skills and experience to better serve those I am working with.

Areas I'm Working On 

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accreditation - Due 2024

  • CIPD Chartered Fellow - Due 2024

Change can indeed be stressful and painful, even when it’s leading us towards something better. However, when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

This wisdom has been the cornerstone of my approach to guiding individuals through their own life transitions, and the outcomes have been truly remarkable.


Ready to Take Action?

Empower yourself, embrace change, and unlock your potential with Transitions

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Schedule your Free Discovery Call whenever you feel ready. I am here to help and provide a welcoming space to explore your inner landscape as you navigate your way through your own major transition.



“I was lost, overwhelmed and crippled with anxiety. I didn’t know how to get out the negative cycle I was in. Having my second child during lockdown took its toll, I tried counselling with the NHS but left feeling worse so decided to spend the day in retreat with Alan.

My life honestly changed that day. Since then, I’ve faced my fears, relocated from Scotland to Cornwall, left my 9-5 and set up my own business to create the life I’d always dreamed of. I now have purpose, balance, and drive like never before because my mindset has completely shifted.”

~ Michelle Green, Scotland


  • How can I pay?
    You can pay in full via the YouRevolution website. For those feeling called to this offering but who need to spread out their payments, don't sweat it, I've got you covered. I'm happy to work out a payment plan that works for best you and your circumstances, just request this either on email or our Discovery Call.
  • What's the content of the On-Demand videos?
    The On-Demand videos are part of a series of videos recorded to help you revolutionise your wellbeing. Each lesson and video are around 15 minutes in length and provides principles and guidance on how to improve your wellbeing. There are a total of 6 lessons for you to access, anytime, anywhere and for life, these include: - The Power of Daily Gratitude Practice - The Healing Benefits of Connecting With Nature - Practicing Being Present And How It Will Change Your Life - The Positive Effects Of Morning Routine - Setting Boundaries To Navigate Life With More Certainty - Practices And Wisdom On Self-Love This content will give you an opportunity to explore different ways to cultivate wellness in your life and will be available to you from the moment you sign-up to Transitions. These practices can be a strong anchor in your life as you navigate the change process and go more deeply into beliefs and values in our coaching sessions.
  • How do I schedule sessions?
    Scheduling is flexible and can be tailored around your availability. Once you sign up, we’ll work together to find convenient times for your sessions.
  • Are the sessions online or in person?
    Sessions are typically done online, however depending on where you are in the world, in-person sessions may be possible.
  • What if I need to reschedule a session?
    Life happens, and I understand. If you need to reschedule, so long as you provide at least 24hrs notice, we can find an alternative date and time to suit.
  • How is coaching different to therapy or counselling?
    Coaching focuses on the present and future, helping you set and achieve goals. Therapy often addresses past issues. Counselling primarily deals with specific issues, such as mental health issues. I will work with you during the Discovery process to determine if Transitions is right for you. If it's not, then I will direct you to my network of qualified experts who are better placed to support you. You matter and I always operate with integrity so finding you the right support is part of this process.
  • What can I expect during our sessions?
    The sessions will last up to 75 minutes, I will coach you through questions and listening. Together, we’ll work on setting goals, finding solutions and creating a blueprint that removes blockers. Driving you forward towards your goals in life and career.
  • How long does the coaching programme last?
    You will have 8 sessions spread over 3 months although depending on the content and your availability, this may vary. You will have access to 6 on-demand videos which you can choose to work through in parallel to the coaching sessions or after. Should you choose to join us for an optional retreat then I will work with you how best to schedule the programme.
  • Is coaching confidential?
    Yes, coaching is strictly confidential. We adhere to ethical standards, ensuring privacy and trust throughout.
  • Are you certified and registered with a recognised professional body?
    I am a certified Life Coach, having made a significant investment in my training. I am also awaiting accreditation by the ICF to provide you with maximum quality assurance.
  • What else is involved in Transitions?
    Along with 8 coaching sessions to support you through your own major life transition, you will be granted lifetime access to a 6-week, online, wellbeing programme. This has 6 powerful lessons filled with transformational practices that you can call in to support you as you navigate this watershed moment in your life. The online content was created in collaboration with one of Scotland's top transformational life coaches, Kirsty Mulcahy so you are getting incredible value by making this investment. This course alone is probably worth a significant percentage of your investment. On top of the coaching sessions and the online course, you will be offered an exclusive discount on our Rise Retreat offering. This is transformative weekend experience where you will get to connect with the full power of sacred plant medicines and other wellbeing practices to catapult you forward on your journey.
  • What's the actual process for Transitions?
    Discovery Call: An initial meeting or conversation to explore your needs, goals, and compatibility with the Transitions programme. It's in everyone's interest to make sure this is right for you. SignUp: Officially enroll for Transitions, via the YouRevolution website or directly with your Coach, Alan. This is the beginning of your transformative journey through the major life change you are navigating. Access On - Demand Video: Once you have joined Transitions, you will be granted instant access to 6 life-changing wellbeing lessons that you work through at your own pace. This pre-recorded video content can be viewed at your own convenience and includes guidance on how best to implement these principles into your life. Coaching Phase One: The first 4 coaching sessions will take place weekly and will be an intensive deep dive into the values, beliefs and goals that are driving you and how these are contributing to the transitions you are moving through. We will begin the process of co-creating your unique blueprint to emerge from this process with strength and clarity. Coaching Phase Two: A continuation of the coaching process, building on the foundations laid in Phase One, these 4 sessions will be held biweekly, or every other week. These sessions will be part of your expansion, as you come into greater levels of awareness, you will bring in the changes necessary to embody the best version of yourself in this moment. Rise Retreat (Optional): An optional retreat offering which is an immersive and intense experience hosted at Scotland's top retreat space, CAIM, in Highland Perthshire. Feedback: The final stage where you can provide feedback on your experience, a final call to support you on the path forward and gather your insights to continuously improve the Transitions programme.
  • What's Involved In The One-To-One Energy Healing Session?
    Through my extensive experience, I have come to understand that clients sometimes need more than just coaching and that working on other levels of their being using breathwork, bodywork and shamanic practices can be just the breakthrough they need as they navigate a major life transition. This new addition to the programme is all about value-add, I want my clients to emerge with healing and clarity on every level available to them. I will work closely with you to calibrate the right process for you depending on circumstances, progress and availability. Where appropriate, I may decide to call in additional support for your one-to-one session to provide additional facilitation. Everything will be agreed upfront with you, giving you full sovereignty over the process.
Image by Alvin Lenin

If you are serious about emerging from this major life transition stronger then now is the time to make this leap into a programme full of support, compassion and genuine value.

Make your Transition

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